Our Programs and Options

Sales, Exchange and Lease, we provide a full range of integrated programs and options tailored to your individual requirements.

Looking for spares?

Aeropol offers a growing surplus of rotable components available for outright sale. By utilizing our unique networks and strong buying power, we are capable of sourcing high quality and hard to find parts at the best market price and value. We pass these cost-savings on to our customers; delivering the highest quality components at competitive prices.

Don’t have time for a complete overhaul?
Aeropol works with your schedule in mind. Send us your core unit and we will send you one of our overhauled parts. Our sales team is constantly striving to meet our customers’ needs. We maintain an extensive inventory of exchange components in-stock and ready to ship.

Require a short-term efficient solution?
Aeropol offers flexible lease programs fitted to your unique needs. We provide immediate access to ship set of landing gears and sub-components available to minimize your down time and maximize your flight revenue.

For a complete list of parts for sale, please contact us.

Our Program Benefits

Extensive pool of in-stock rotable parts

High quality components backed by full warranty

Compliance to TCCA/EASA trace requirements

Consignment Inventory Management

Expert customer service and support

AOG Services

Free Delivery and Pickup in our local area

We list all of our products on ILS. However, we recommend that you contact us directly for more information about our surplus components as our dynamic inventory changes frequently.